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Zambli 290 t/a African Angels is a registered Non-Profit Company.  It's sole purpose is to empower African Women and Youths with job placement and the outcome of obtaining recognised, meaningful qualifications through skills training and workplace mentoring in the spa/beauty environment. Through the Enterprise Development Program, candidates who meet set requirements may also be selected as beneficiares who own 51% of a mobile or fixed beauty business, known as a Wellness Hut.  

Founding Directors : African Angels


Together, the directors of African Angels, have one objective, to improve the quality of life for African Women and Youths who demonstrate the will and the passion to be more than circumstances have allowed.











Candidate Selection:


African Angels are vibrant, yet unemployed African Women and Youths from poor rural areas who show the will and desire to pursue a career in the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Industry, but often lack the financial means.


Level 1 to 3 of the program provides free beauty skills training and at level 2 & 3, Candidates are placed for employment at selected Hospitality Establishments where they become multi-skilled, acquiring hospitality and beauty skills. There are 5 internal grading levels. The employer sponsors the remainder of the education package through a monthly Hospitality Membership.

Lucille Ferreira

With a successful track record as a leading Aesthetician and Wellness Business Owner, with an increasing interest in Impact Entrepreneurship, Lucille could not help, but see the opportunity to link unskilled, unemployed Women & Youths with the lucrative Beauty/Spa & Wellness Tourism sector, to give them an entry point into the workforce and access to greater opportunities in life.

Lucille contributes to the vision and funding strategy for the NPC and is the CEO of Selah Institute of Health & Beauty Pty Ltd. She resides in Australia with her husband.


Melina Smit is a Drama & Creative Arts teacher. She holds a BDRAM Qualification, majoring in Psychology and has a passion for Youth Development.


Melina's interest in developing Youth through education and integrative employment inspired her to support the African Angels Program. She has conceptualised and implemented many youth development programs for more than 20 years and contributes creative energy to the organisation, while she continues to develop Youth through innovative education initiatives in the Karoo.

Claire Broome 

After a successful career of more than 20 years in marketing and advertising, Claire returned to her roots to farm in the Karoo region in South Africa, where she ran the family farm for a decade and during which time she met Lucille. The void in education and employment opportunities for the African Community in the Karoo instantly drew Claire's attention to the potential within the African Angels Program.


Claire has been an integral part of the brand development for African Angels and continues to be a source of support while residing in the UK with her husband.

Ryno Ferreira


Ryno too has his roots in the Karoo Region of South Africa. He is an established property valuer and Strata Manager and his skills sets for risk mitigation and strategic solutions provide an ongoing contribution to African Angels in his capacity as a corporate strategist and advisor. 

Ryno is passionate about developing people and communities through education.


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