Work at Prestigious Spa's , Health and Beauty Centres, Cruise Ships, Distribution and Retail Centres or become a Beauty Educator...


These are just a few of the exciting jobs in the fast growing business of Health, Beauty and Wellness!


Did you know the word Selah is ancient Hebrew for "Pause and Reflect" ? A concept synonymous with the practice of Health & Wellbeing:

Defined as Pause:

1. to make a pause; be temporarily inactive; stop; hesitate

2. to dwell or linger: with on or upon


Defined as Reflect:

1. to give back an image of; mirror or reproduce

2. to recollect or realize after thought

3. to think seriously; contemplate


An exciting world of opportunity awaits ...

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Detox and Wellness Therapies

Removal of toxic waste or foreign substances from cells, tissues and organs results in optimal health. The lymphatic system is the primary waste removal system of the body, but Detox and Wellness Therapies such as Herbal Body Wraps, Mechanical and Manual Massage, Light Therapy and other Holistic Treatments aid in the removal of toxins. Nutrition and Exercise form an important part of wellness coaching.